System 8.1 Update
Installation Disk Set

Download the following disk-image parts, now in the NDIF format (New Disk Image Format), to create an installation disk for the Update to Macintosh OS 8.1. You will also need to download the Disk Copy 6.3.3 application, to turn these parts into one disk image.
Disk Image Parts

B-8.1 Update-01of13.smi

B-8.1 Update-02of13.part

B-8.1 Update-03of13.part


B-8.1 Update-05of13.part

B-8.1 Update-06of13.part

B-8.1 Update-07of13.part

B-8.1 Update-08of13.part

B-8.1 Update-09of13.part

B-8.1 Update-10of13.part

B-8.1 Update-11of13.part

B-8.1 Update-12of13.part

B-8.1 Update-13of13.part

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