Updates for Mac OS 9

If you have a version of the Macintosh Operating System, which is 9.0 or above, you may need to download some of the updates below. To ascertain which downloads you need to download, you will have to open the Software Updater Control Panel.

Z-Mac OS 9.0.4 Update.smi

Mac OS 9.1 - International

Mac OS 9.2.1 - International

Mac OS 9.2.2 - International

AirPort 1.3.1.smi

Aladdin DropStuff 5.5 Installer

Aladdin Expander 5.5 Installer

Aladdin DropStuff 6.0.1 Installer

Aladdin Expander 6.0.1 Installer

Z-Apple DVD Player 2.2.smi

Apple DVD Player 2.4.smi

AppleDVD Player2.7.smi

Z-AppleScript Update 1.4.3.smi

AppleScript 1.6.smi

AppleWorks 6.0.4 Updater.smi

AppleWorks 6.1.2 Update.smi

CarbonLib 1.0.4.smi

CarbonLib 1.2.smi

CarbonLib 1.2.5.smi

CarbonLib 1.3.1.smi

CarbonLib 1.4.smi

Authoring Support 1.1.smi

Z-ColorSync 3.0.1.smi

ColorSync 3.0.3.smi

Disk First Aid 8.6.smi

Disk First Aid 8.6.1.smi

DVD-ROM Firmware.smi

Ethernet Update 1.0

G4 Cube FWUpdate 4.1.8.smi

G4 FW Update 4.1.8.smi

GameSprockets 1.7.5v1.1.smi

GeForce Graphics Card Update 2.1.1.smi

iBook Audio Update.smi

iBook FirmwareUpdate 2.4.smi

iBook FWUpdate 4.1.7.smi

iMac FirmwareUpdate 2.4.smi

iMac FWUpdate 4.1.7.smi

iMac PMUpdate.smi

About iMac PM Update

iMovie Plugin Pack 2.1.smi

Internet Explorer 5.1.7

iTunes 1.1.smi

MRJ 2.2.3.smi

MRJ 2.2.4.smi

MRJ 2.2.5.smi

MultipleUsers 1.4.1.smi

Open Transport 2.7.6.smi

Outlook Express 5

PB G4 DVDROM Update.smi

PBook FWUpdate 4.1.8.smi

Software Update 1.2.smi

Startup Disk 9.2.1.smi

Theater Mode Update.smi

URL Access Install.smi

URL Access 2.3.smi

Z-Apple Modem Updater 2.0

Z-Disc Burner 1.0.1.smi

Z-Firewire 2.4.smi

Z-G4 FirmwareUpdate 2.4.smi

Z-MultiMedia Update 1.0.smi

Z-USB Printer Sharing 1.0.smi

Network Assist 4.0.4.smi

About Network Assistant

Apple Ethernet Update 2.0.smi

Authoring Support 1.1.3.smi

G4 FW Update 4.2.8.smi

Apple CPU Plugin.smi

PowerMacG4 AGP Update.smi

Z-AppleDVD Player2.7.smi

iMac FWUpdate 4.1.9.smi

G4 FW Update 4.1.9.smi

G4 Cube FWUpdate 4.1.9.smi

Z-AirPort 1.2

Authoring Support 1.1.5.smi

CarbonLib 1.5.smi

AirPort 2.0.smi

PowerMacG4 CDRW FW Update.smi

AirPort 2.0.2.smi

Authoring Support1.1.9.smi

CarbonLib 1.6.smi

AirPort 2.0.4.smi

AppleScript 1.8.3.smi

iPod 1.1.smi

USB Storage1.3.5.smi

MRJ 2.2.6.smi



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