About the iMac Power Management Update

Many people switch off their power strips or unplug their computers to conserve energy. When you disconnect your iMac from power, it relies on an internal battery to remember the date and time and some control panel settings. After you install this update, your iMac will keep these settings for a longer period of time when disconnected from AC power.

Installation Requirements

Install this update if you have an iMac that was released in February or July 2001. If your iMac does not require this update, the Installer will display a message saying that you do not need this update.

Installing the Update

To install this update, start up your iMac in Mac OS 9. After this update is installed, it functions in both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. This update will run on all languages except French, German and Japanese. These languages have their own installers.

After installing the update, your iMac will restart.

For additional information, go to www.info.apple.com/imac

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August 15, 2001