Links to things on dinosaurs

If you want to know all the names of every dinosaur genus, I have written a page here for the list that was compiled by George Olshevsky.

Dinosaur Links.

  1. A new site celebrating Deinonychus a sort of "shrine.
  2. Dinosaur Reference Centre by Stanley Friesen... a reference site on the classification of dinosaurs.
  3. Dino art pages.
  4. The Dinosauria at Berkeley.
  5. Dinosaurs in Hawaii?
  6. Ornithischian dinosaurs at Berkeley.
  7. Saurischian dinosaurs at Berkeley.
  8. The American Museum of Natural History by Robert Britt.
  9. Dinosaur Den has some nice images and ideas, activities etc.
  10. Dinosaur footprints in coal.
  11. Kid's Web stuff on dinosaurs.
  12. Dino Fest.
  13. Dino Russ's Lair
  14. Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada.
  15. 1858 discovery of Hadrosaurus foulki
  16. Science behind Jurassic they say!..some CT-scans and a link to some out-of-date stuff on dinosaur eggs.
  17. A fun site called Saurintology.
  18. Some words of wisdom on Dinosaurs and DNA, for those of us with limited sightedness.
  19. The extinction of the dinosaurs.
  20. A bit from sauropods.
  21. The Dinosauria On-line. ...J. Poling's old Dinostore. A lot of interesting stuff here.

Fun sites:

  1. Well I suppose dinosaur jokes are acceptable....

Commercial sites:

  1. Software for the Smithsonian Institute dinosaur museum and paleoview.
  2. Jurassic Park graphic stuff and words of wisdom from the animators.
  3. Dinosaur sillouettes and slammers.
  4. Dinosaur video.
  5. More videos.
  6. Video game called Cadillacs and Dinosaurs? from the Xenozoic Era?

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