Skoosh Dinosaur Bone
The Skoosh Dinosaur Bone

This was kept secret for a while longer than I thought it was going to as I had a small accident whilst working on another discovery in January 1996.

Lindsay and Craig (the presenters of Skoosh) as well as the producer, researcher and myself all drove up to Skye under the impression that the Navy were going to help remove a dinosaur bone from a remote beach on the Isle of Skye.

As it turned out, the Navy were not able to help and Skoosh had to hire a helicopter to lift the bone up a cliff. Children from the local Staffin Primary School were on hand to help recover the bone with Chris Mitchell of the Oyster Catcher Restaurant. Jan Wolfe, also of the Oyster Catcher, and Doug Boyd of BP Exploration, Aberdeen, gave interviews on the discoveries they made of "Dougie" the dinosaur's femur from a nearby beach.

The bone was prepared before the program was completed in Glasgow. Winners of a competition received a copy of one of my dinosaur books and the overall winner won a trip to the Isle of Skye to stay at the Floddigarry Hotel.

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