• Bob's file search application. The Rev file here is 24K

  • Bob's file search application as a .exe file 2Mb

  • Bob's file search application screenshot

  • Go to the database tutorial page

  • Get the PDAT/Palm pdb reader here

  • Get the VB front end example code here

  • Get the replacement dll here

  • Get RISC OS image analysis package here

  • The image analysis application is for ARM based RISC OS machines.
    It is written in ARM Assembler with a BBC BASIC front end
    THis is an old app that dates from 1991 but is still OK for cell morphology analysis for students.
    You may need a RiscPC or ARM desktop to run it however, it may run under emmulation with virtual A5000

    This is Bob's web page. Not a lot happens here.

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    If you use the picmover application could you mail me. r.hartley@bio.gla.ac.uk with "picmover" in the subject
    I will be updating this and I can let you know when new versions are available.
    It now has a progress bar for the "filecopy routine".

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