Hello everyone and welcome to the first tutorial in the runrev database series. This is going to be a simple database application developed to load and save a csv (comma separated file). This could have been a tab separated file but for various reasons I'll stick to CSV. OK the first thing to do is to make the csv. The simplest way is notepad or any other text editor, however, I'm assuming the novice will get better use from doing this via excel, since excel files may be what are being sent to you. So here is a simple excel screenshot showing the data fields we want to have. excel

As you can see this is a simple list of expenses. One trip to New York and another to London. First thing we want to do is convert to csv. So go to file -> save-as and change the type to csv, you get this screen

I changed the name of my file to csv.csv (original eh!!!?) Now although this file has an excel icon, it is simply a text file. Open it in notepad or another text editor and you will see this. All the fields in the top row and all the data in the following rows

Ok we now have the csv, lets get the engine rev'ed up. (Ok that is the last attempt at humour) J First thing you need to do is stop and make a cup of tea. Then consider this…. There is a database sample in the revolution docs. They use a template and copy it. Do I know why…? NO I don't,… do I know better? Not yet. So let's use their method. OK create a new main stack and call it MyDb.rev you should have a blank form like this.

Then open the “Object-Stack inspector” and change the name to MyDb and then create a new substack called DocTemplate by opening the file menu and selecting “new substack of MyDb.

You should now have a screen that looks like this

Now we want to populate the template file with fields but we need to change the field types. Expense = text Date = date Type = text Category = text How = text Claimed = checkbox Amount = number Vendor = text So enter all these in the doctemplate stack card….hold on how do you enter a date? Damn I need a date stack. I cant seem to get runrev to enter a data popup stack. Hold on, there is the list, I'll ask there. No even better still, I'll check the list archives on google. The URL is A quick search got me this URL at Sarah's page Once the calendar app is downloaded, open it in runrev and then open the application browser.

You can then click on the medium sized calendar substack and use “file-move substack to file” You then have a file called mediumcalendar.rev Open the MyDB.rev and mediumcalendar.rev apps. Open the properties of the calendar stack (ctrl-K) and change the master stack to MyDb and save. You now have a calendar stack incorporated into your app. Neat eh….